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#WhatupDoe #KingzAndQueenz Family Never Fans Nor Supporterz, Thank U Individually and Collectively 4 Ur Continuous And Infinite Support On My Courageous Journey Seeking My Newly Discovered and Revealed Passion AKA #Music that Revealed My Purpose which is to use my passion to touch lives by using the most #UniversalLanguage that Of Music to help promote healing, protection, strengthening, pride, comfort. love, joy, happiness, sorrow, reflection, substance etc which is my NateOGDetroit! mission statement to the world and universe!

Sincerely Urs with Peace, Love, Life, Light. Peace and Continued #Blessingz & #Favour,

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Detroit, Michigan
Self Taught Producer, DJ and Poet born and raised on the westside of Detroit, Michigan. Newly signed producer to GFG Entertainment by Kodac M80 Himself. Most noted for my Beat Tape Grind of dropping 60 Plus in the last 3 years. Proud Member of The Rap Alliance, Gorilla Squad and Da Click Hip Hop Movements.

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